Emily Cain is serving her first term in the Senate as the Senator for District 30 (Penobscot County) after serving four terms in the Maine House. Cain works as Coordinator of Advancement for the Honors College at the University of Maine and is working part-time towards a Ph.D. in Higher Education with a concentration in public policy from UMaine. Cain earned her undergraduate degree in Vocal Music Education from the UMaine and her master’s degree in Higher Education from Harvard University. She was first elected to the House in 2004 at the age of 24.

While a member of the House, Cain focused on issues of economic development, access to affordable, high quality higher education, and breaking the cycle of domestic violence in Maine. Cain served on the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, and the Appropriations Committee, which she chaired in the 124th Legislature. In the prior session, Cain served as the Democratic Minority Leader, the youngest woman to hold that position in Maine history. She lives in Orono with her husband, the Hon. Daniel B. Williams, and their dog, Bartlet the pug.

MPBN: New Law to Increase Access to Chemotherapy Pills

MPBN story on democratic Senator Emily Cain’s bill to improve insurance coverage for cancer treatment. “This disparity causes unfair hardship on certain patients simply because their treatment comes in a different form,” said Senator Cain.  “Orally-administered chemotherapy is becoming more available and this bill eliminates a barrier to essential access for hundreds of Maine patients and...


Senator Cain-sponsored bill requires equal coverage for oral and IV cancer treatment   AUGUSTA— A new law to improve insurance coverage for cancer treatment will take effect on Friday, August 1.   “When patients are talking with their doctors about their treatment plans, they should be able to choose the option that works best for...


Three lawmakers reassigned to Appropriations and Government Oversight   AUGUSTA–Earlier today, State Senator Emily Cain stepped down from her legislative committee assignments on the state’s budget writing committee and as Senate Chair of the Government Oversight committee.   In a letter to Senate President Justin Alfond, Cain wrote, in part:   “As the Democratic nominee...
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